Annual Report

                                             SHIKSHAA PUBLIC SCHOOL




       The vision of Shikshaa is to foster excellence in the field of education. It strives to create an institution which is


       Education is the foundation of a civilized society. Each aspect of school life provides an avenue for the learners to grow to their full potential, achieve self actualization & develop competencies to face the challenges of today’s world.

      We at SPS realize the importance of education in shaping not only the individual’s life but also a nation’s destiny. We have witnessed various changes from the initial stage to this day, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”. We firmly believe that academic excellence is the touchstone of any good Institution.

Shikshaa Public School has an excellent infrastructure having 17 classrooms, a spacious Library, Science lab, Computer lab & Communication lab, Medical room, Counseling room, vast Play ground area which provides ample space for children to play during the school hours. All the classrooms have been equipped with smart boards for interactive learning.

Our Kindergarten:-

      Our kindergarten classes focus on enhancing the specific skills of every child’s gross motor, fine motor, language skills & cognitive, emotional & socio-personal development. All the parents of kindergarten students can watch their wards ‘live’ in their classroom activities.

Class room Activities:

      Students learn through their participation in the attainment of knowledge by gathering information & processing it by solving problems & articulating what they have discovered. These activities deepen their learning wherein they apply concepts & articulate new knowledge to upgrade their style to the latest technological standards.

Virtual  Classroom:

        In addition to studying in physical class-rooms during the school hours, all students in higher classes are also taught in virtual class-rooms where they communicate with their teachers after school hours. This helps the students to acquire additional knowledge to perform well in all competitive exams.

E - Learning:

SPS offers a unique facility of e-learning platform.

The e-learning platform consists of a question bank of over 22,000 questions with solutions graded in 5 levels of complexity and has special facilities like dynamic exam, quiz mode, exam mode, etc., This will give the students of SPS a distinct advantage over others in competitive exams such as NTSE, NEET, IITJEE etc.

Mentor-Mentee Concept:

      What we would like to stress here is that it is not only the events, activities but we also consider it important to listen to children, parents & take inputs from them. After proper discussions, we incorporate new teaching learning strategies onto our teaching system.

The Mentor Mentee concept is followed in our school, in which Mentors are subject toppers and Mentees are slow learners. Daily problem solving sessions are conducted between 3.30 p.m. & 4.30p.m in which Mentees get the help of their Mentors and complete worksheets. By this concept the mentees are given chance to learn from their friends. They feel free to ask questions to their friends and understand the concept clearly.

 Shikshaa Talks:

        The 1st edition of school magazine “Shikshaa-Talks” was released where the new arrangement and lay-out of the newspaper became the throb of every heart

Keeping ourselves up with the pace of the modern world, complete digitization of the school has been undertaken with e-learning platform and virtual classrooms, tense busters. This has  transformed the entire school to channelize information and thereby transfer technology bringing in more transparency and enhanced communication with parents and the community.

Experiential learning through Club Activities:

       At SPS, we hone latent skills in co-scholastic areas,wherein the students are provided structured opportunities. One such opportunity includes the various club activities regularly conducted in the school premises.

·                      Buddies Club

·                      Language Club

·                      Hobby & Arts Club

·                      Heritage Club       

·                      Eco  Club

·                      Debate Club

     The students meet together every week, plan & execute various activities pertaining to their clubs.

SPARK – 2018:

     As a part of children’s day celebration our school conducted its Annual Inter-school competition “Spark -2018” on 17th & 18th November where students from many renowned schools participated. Prizes were awarded to 45 students, who were judged winners in 15 competitions under four categories - Bumble bees, Sub-junior, Junior & Seniors.

      All the winners were awarded trophies & certificates by the chief guest Mrs.Dr.Immaculate H.O.D. Department of Chemistry, DMI College of Engineering.

Spectra Interschool Competition and Junior Spectra:

     Every year the school conducts an expo to provide a platform for children to display their knowledge, creativity, investigate their skills & talents. This year too our school expo-spectra gave way to the creativity, innovation and knowledge. It also gave wings to the dreams of students. Besides enchanting displays, models, captivating presentations, our students impressed the outsiders & parents with their vast awareness.

Co-Curricular Activities:

      Co-curricular activities empower the students to make their own active decisions, helping them to gain an accurate experience, honing their skills & confidence to lead them on the path of their future. We at Shikshaa CBSE have:

·                Games

·                Music

·                Dance

·                Yoga

·                Karate

·                Art & Craft   


We would like to congratulate our Achievers who took part in various competitions.

Ø S.Aravind won Gold medal in State Level Open Karate Championship.

Ø S.Anuksha won best performance award in vocal.


Ø V.Rohith grabbed State Level 5th Prize in ABACUS.

Ø R.S Shanmathi and N.Ranjitha participated in “வீட்டுக்கொரு விஞ்ஞானி” conducted by “புதிய தலைமுறை”.

Ø Our School students participated in Inter-School competition – Science Expo and won 3rd prize held at Vivekananda School.

Ø Our students participated in State Level SpellBee competitions.

Staff Enrichment Program:

      “Teachers are also learners” – staying updated is the key to success in any field, especially in the field of education. Our teachers continuously strive to achieve excellence in the field of education by attending workshops on “Class room Management” conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education & HCL training in usage of smart board.

Teacher’s Day:

      It was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Teachers get overwhelmed with joy & sense of pride as their wards shower love & affection through warm greetings, beautiful decorations & wonderful cultural programmes. Games are conducted for  teachers and a prizes are distributed.

Parental Consultation:

      The school aims to work closely with parents. A number of occasions are organized during the school year for parents and teachers to exchange information about children’s progress to provide opportunities to learn more about the life of the school.

National festivals:

        We celebrate National festivals like Independence Day & Republic Day in our school by organizing various competitions and cultural programmes to promote National integration & unity among the students. Prizes are distributed to the winners.


        Celebration is an occasion for enjoyment as well as a mode to moral values, intellectual creativity, social & respectful attitude towards God & Nation .We celebrate Ramazan, Krishna Jayanthi, Onam, Deepavali Christmas, New Year & Pongal to depict unity in diversity.

Under the dynamic leadership & guidance the school has been able to scale heights of success & maintain consistency by striving had to be better than the best.

        All the achievements & activities have been possible due to the diligence & untiring efforts of the staff & students of our school.The parent body has been a pillar of strength in all our endeavours.


Much has been achieved and still much remains to be achieved, as we continue our challenging journey towards excellence in education. Like Ulysses, Shikshaa Public School shall continue to Think, Innovate & Transform……….